My name is Tango. I’m a two-year-old shiba inu, and my mom is the post closing manager at Draper and Kramer Mortgage Corp. As September’s featured DKMC Pet of the Month, I’m really excited to share my life story with you! 

It all starts with my mom and dad. Once they decided they wanted a dog, they had to agree on a breed. While my dad wanted an Akita, my mom knew that they would need something smaller to fit their condo lifestyle. After some digging on the Internet, they decided my breed was the perfect compromise since we’re much smaller but have very similar features. After surfing the Web a little more, they were lucky enough to come across my beautiful photo. Obviously, they couldn’t pass this face up, so they made the long journey to Kansas City, Missouri to meet their new puppy baby, and the rest was history.

Have you ever met a dog who likes to dance? You have now! Since both my parents are competitive ballroom dancers, I was able to learn a few moves for myself. I’m currently the most skilled at the merengue (Mom holds my paws as we dance through the house together), but I am still working on my waltz.

True to my breed, I’m very energetic, smart and friendly. In fact, I’ve never met a single person or animal who I didn’t want to be friends with (and when you’re as cute as me, it’s pretty easy to make new friends). I’m also probably the fastest runner you’ll ever meet (including you, Usain Bolt), and I can jump incredibly high! My favorite season is winter because I love romping around in the snow. Anyone who says they hate the snow just needs to spend some time playing in it with me – I promise I’ll change their mind. Coincidentally enough, my favorite activities are also my top missions in life: chasing after balls and chewing up stuffed toys. Once I’m tuckered out from all my running and playing, I love to curl up in between Mom and Dad on the couch. I can’t imagine any better way to end the day than being cuddled up next to my favorite people.

I knew my parents thought I was pretty special, but I didn’t know just how special I was to them until Dad gave me a very important job to do. He said he had to ask Mom a very important question, but couldn’t do so without my help. So one Friday, Dad had me specially delivered to the dance studio where they were practicing that evening. I surprised Mom with a note tucked under my collar that said, “I don’t know what I’m doing here, but Dad has something to ask you”. Once Mom finished reading it, Dad dropped to one knee and asked her to marry him. Needless to say, she said “yes”, and we’ve been living happily ever after since then!

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