If you’re looking for some Halloween home décor, tasty treats or gift-able goodies, there’s one item you can use to make all three: Mason jars. These 150-year-old canning containers are still all the rage today for everything from drink glasses to craft supplies. Here are 9 great ways to use Mason jars this Halloween.

Frightful floats

You don’t need a witch’s brew of ingredients for a great Halloween float. Simply add some scoops of vanilla ice cream to a Mason jar, fill with orange soda and garnish with a marshmallow ghost on a stick.

Character cakes

Who says cupcakes ought to be served without the cups? Here’s a recipe idea for baking gift-able Halloween-character-themed cakes right into mason jars.

Ghostly globes

Keeping living creatures in a jar requires regular care, but these gauzy ghosts are very low maintenance. With some simple craft supplies, you can put a spooky spin on terrariums with this ghosts in mason jars project.

Haunted hot cocoa

Don’t let the winter holidays hog all the hot cocoa fame! Whip up this recipe for Halloween Oreo hot cocoa and sip your way to chocolatey bliss.

Creepy candles

When it comes to Halloween candles, don’t be afraid to think outside the pumpkin. Here’s how to turn mason jars into ghostly vessels for votive candles.

Graveyard goodies

These frightful cake cups are good enough to raise the dead. With some simple ingredients and a bit of baking, you’ll have the perfect (half) pint-sized Halloween dessert.

Looming lanterns

These ghosts positively glow! Some paint, tea lights and a few other basic supplies are all you need to transform your jars into these awesome apparitions.

Fizzy fruit drinks

Thirsting for an autumn beverage free of pumpkin spice? Here’s a fruity recipe with a pumpkin-orange appearance but a 100% citrus kick.

Mummy Masons

Want some spooky candles in a snap? Wind some gauze around your jars, add pairs of googly eyes, drop in some LED candles and that’s a wrap!

Hopefully, these ideas will help you have a more fun, flavorful and friendly Halloween!