Installing a new TV is an exciting moment, and who could be blamed for rushing to get it set up and ready to enjoy? Before you put holes in your drywall or drop serious dough on a new entertainment center, however, take some time to ensure you’re putting your screen at the best height for comfortable viewing.

The ideal elevation

When possible, it’s generally recommended to install your TV with the center of the screen at the eye level of where it will most often be viewed. This helps ensure a comfortable viewing posture and minimal eye strain.

Here are the common heights for popular viewing situations:

  • Standard chair/couch seating: 42 inches
  • Bar seating: 48 to 53 inches
  • Standing: 60 inches

Nowhere to go but up

Of course, installing a TV at these exact heights is not always possible. For example, a wall obstruction such as a fireplace and mantel may force you to mount a TV higher than ideal. You may also need to position a TV higher so that furniture or other items between the viewers and the screen do not block the view. The larger the screen, the more difficult it can be to ideally position the TV around obstructions.

Thankfully, there are a few ways to make higher TVs more comfortable to view. Using a tilting mount that allows the screen to be angled down, viewing the TV from farther away and utilizing reclining seating can all help.

Picture perfect

You can test out a prospective TV location by mocking up the outline of your chosen model (check the product packaging or webpage for dimensions) with masking tape or poster paper. Then, check to ensure the outline is fully and comfortably visible from where it will be viewed. If everything looks good, you can break out the hardware, mount the TV and start enjoying your new device.

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