Hand turning water faucetWhether you’re trying to save the planet or just save on your utility bill, water conservation is important. And if you live in a drought-prone region, it might be downright critical. Here are some simple ways you can use water more wisely around your home.

  • Install efficient water fixtures (e.g. aerated faucets, low-flow or dual-flush toilets and high-efficiency showerheads and appliances)
  • Look for and repair any leaky fixtures (DIY or professionally)
  • Use the dishwasher and clothes washer for full loads only
  • Wash clothes only as often as needed
  • Take shorter showers
  • Turn off the tap when not immediately in use (e.g. while brushing teeth or scrubbing hands)
  • Water your lawn in the early morning using timed sprinklers
  • Reduce the size of your lawn with hardscaping and/or drought-hardy plants

By implementing some of these tips, Mother Nature (and your wallet) will thank you. For more information on water conservation, see the EPA’s WaterSense page.

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