Mowing the lawn is a classic ritual of homeownership, and a well-manicured yard is a point of pride for many property owners. Even though this task is relatively simple, it’s easy to make several common mowing mistakes. Make sure you’re a cut above the rest by brushing up on these mowing best practices. 

Time of day

For a safe, effective and comfortable mowing job, it’s best to mow when the grass is dry but when temperatures aren’t too hot. Mid-morning and late-afternoon are great candidates.

Cutting height

Make sure your mower is adjusted to cut your lawn’s grass to its recommended height. Each type of grass has its own ideal height, but 3 to 3.5 inches is a good general height to maintain.

Mowing frequency

Rather than mowing on a fixed schedule, try to mow when your grass is one third taller than its recommended height. Multiply the recommended height by 1.5 to get the height when you should mow.

Blade sharpness

Mowing with a sharp blade is essential for a clean, efficient cut. This typically means having your blade sharpened once a year. If you find yourself needing to take multiple passes with your mower, if the cut grass looks torn rather than sliced or if the blade itself is dinged up, its probably time for a sharpening.

Mowing technique

Mowing patterns are a topic of much debate and opinion, but one smart idea is to vary the direction of your mowing each time. This prevents your grass from developing a lean to one direction and helps it stand up straight.

Following these recommendations will help your lawn look its best and maybe even leave you with a bit more time to enjoy it.