Terrariums are a unique and decorative way to keep and display plants in your home. Creating these little globes of greenery is half the fun, so here’s how to make your own terrarium.

Watch the short video below for a quick overview:


The necessary supplies should be available at your local garden supply shop. Begin by deciding on the type of terrarium you would like to create, then select appropriate plants. For example, succulents and cacti can thrive in a similar environment, but ferns require different conditions.

  • Glass container
  • Potting soil
  • Active charcoal
  • Unpolished pebbles
  • Polished stones, seashells or other decorative gardening elements
  • Moss
  • Plants


  1. Line the bottom of the container with unpolished pebbles
  2. Add some moss for support
  3. Add a layer of active charcoal
  4. Add soil, and tamp it down
  5. Add plants
  6. Add any additional soil as needed
  7. Add a few polished stones to complete the look
  8. Water sparingly

Once complete, care for your terrarium according to the directions for the plants you selected. Be careful not to overwater your creation since, unlike a flowerpot, there is no drainage.

Enjoy your new terrarium!

Special thanks to Matt Hoffman, DKMC loan officer and proprietor of Matt’s Urban Garden in Chicagoland, for providing the plants used in our video.