organized counter space

Counter space can be a precious asset in your kitchen and bathrooms. However, it’s all too easy for this valuable real estate to become cluttered and disorganized. With some smart organizational strategies and tools, you can reclaim your countertops and utilize this space to its full potential. Check out these tips to see how.

Organize upward

Everything on your counters must go somewhere, so build up to take advantage of the unused space above. Free standing or wall-mounted shelves, under-cabinet baskets, over-toilet storage units and hooks and racks all help to utilize vertical space. Not sure what to keep above your counters? Think of the items you use most often – small appliances, cooking utensils, etc. – and keep them within easy reach.

Draw on drawers

Smaller items like spice jars or kitchen towels can easily be placed in drawers to clear off countertops. Organize your drawers with dividers and trays to help keep things in their proper places. Periodically clear out drawers of junk mail, expired products or whatever random items you’ve haphazardly tossed in over time.

Arrange by room

Finding the right place for every item also means ensuring things are kept in the proper room. Your bathroom shouldn’t be home to kitchen cleaning supplies, and your kitchen shouldn’t be home to your bath soaps. Find a permanent place for everything that makes sense: kitchen supplies in the kitchen, bathroom products in the bathroom, etc.

Keep it functional

It’s okay to keep a few houseplants, photo frames or other decorative items on your counters, just remember to prioritize functionality. Your counters are there to help you access and use what you need, so don’t overcrowd the space with knickknacks or décor. This way, you’ll spend less time hunting for items and clearing off room to use them, and more time getting things done.

By organizing and utilizing all your available space, you will be able to reach its full potential. Keeping your counters clear will not only help your rooms look bigger, brighter and cleaner, it will also help you stay more efficient and less stressed.

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