How to take cash out of your home and keep your mortgage rate

Homeownership provides shelter, stability and a sense of pride, and it can also serve as a valuable financial asset. If you find yourself in need of extra funds, tapping into your home equity can be an attractive option. Today, homeowners who want to access their equity without refinancing their mortgage and giving up a low ...

Why to get preapproved for a mortgage

The spring real estate market is well underway! If you’re considering buying a home in the months ahead, getting preapproved for your mortgage is an important first step.

FHA cuts mortgage insurance premiums

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) has announced a 30-basis-point reduction to the annual mortgage insurance premium (MIP) charged to borrowers. The cut will take effect for FHA loans closing on or after March 20, 2023, and new FHA borrowers are expected to save an average of $800 a year. These savings will expand homeownership opportunities ...

Jumbo mortgages: what they are and when you need one

Mortgages aren’t one-size-fits-all. Depending on how much financing you need or want for a home, your loan might be classified as a jumbo mortgage. This type of loan comes with unique requirements and benefits.

Mortgage Loan Limit

What mortgage loan limit increases mean for you

You may have seen our recent announcement that conforming and FHA loan limits are increasing for 2023. This is great news because it means that two of the most popular types of mortgages are now (or will soon be) available for bigger loan amounts. Higher limits allow homebuyers and homeowners to use these loans for ...

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