What size TV should you buy?

Once upon a time, buying a “big screen” TV meant shelling out a small fortune to watch fuzzy video on a bulky appliance the size of a bedroom dresser. Times have certainly changed. Today, $500 will score you a 55-inch panel with pristine image quality that you can hang from the wall.

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Do you know your credit scores?

Your credit scores are little numbers that can have a big effect. Everything from the credit card offers you receive in the mail to how much you pay on a new loan may be impacted by your credit scores. If your scores aren’t what you think they are, buying your next car, home or other financed purchase could be more difficult or expensive than you expect.

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Tips for buying a home sight unseen

Over the last year or so, buying homes “sight unseen” – without visiting them in person – has become more popular for several reasons. Firstly, pandemic restrictions and concerns motivated many people to purchase homes without setting foot in them first. Secondly, with long-distance moves becoming more common, buying sight unseen has been a way to avoid burdensome travel while home shopping. Lastly,­ with homes in some parts of the country selling in a matter of days, making an offer without waiting to visit a home can be a competitive advantage.

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How to clean your home’s windows

With summer underway, you’re probably starting to check off items on your seasonal home maintenance checklist, which may include your home’s windows. Windows are an important part of your home – they let in light, allow you to view the outside world and are part of your home’s insulation. Regularly maintaining them is a best practice to keep them and your home in great shape. Check out how to clean your windows like a professional below.

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What happens after you sign a home purchase contract?

You’ve just signed a contract to buy your dream home – fantastic! But what’s next? Even after you’ve signed on the dotted line, there are a number of steps to complete before the deal is closed and the home is yours. To be prepared for this important stage, review these final steps in the homebuying process.

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