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How to make your home a stress-free sanctuary

Your home should be one of the places where you are most relaxed. It should be a refuge from many of life’s stresses and a haven that provides comfort, privacy and amenities. How you arrange and maintain your living space, however, may determine whether your home relieves stress or contributes to it. Here are some ...

How to – make a handmade bow

Bows add the perfect finishing touch to gifts, wreaths and holiday decorations. Here’s how to tie a beautiful bow to spruce up your holiday handiwork. 

carrots in the ground

It’s not too late to start your vegetable garden

Were you planning to start a vegetable garden this summer but never got around to it? Not to worry! You should still have time to plant several varieties of veggies. Here are the late bloomers you can plant now to enjoy before the growing season ends.

How high should you mount your TV?

Installing a new TV is an exciting moment, and who could be blamed for rushing to get it set up and ready to enjoy? Before you put holes in your drywall or drop serious dough on a new entertainment center, however, take some time to ensure you’re putting your screen at the best height for ...

How to – start composting

It’s food for your garden. It’s a smart use of household waste. It’s a great lesson on the cycles of nature. It’s composting! If you’re looking for a healthier garden and an emptier trash bin, composting may be for you. Learn how to start composting at home with these simple instructions. 

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