How to brighten your home this winter

Winter has its perks, but the shorter days and long nights are on few people’s lists of favorites. While you can’t make the sun stay up longer, you can take simple steps to bring more light into your living space. Here are six ways to brighten your home this winter.

Renovate your home with mortgage financing

It’s been a record year for home renovations. With countless Americans staying home for work or school and cancelling planned expenses like vacations, many people have gained the motivation and the means to repair, upgrade or expand their living spaces. But what if you don’t have the funds for a big renovation project sitting in ...

Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space

With the arrival of summer, more people are once again enjoying their homes’ prized outdoor spaces. If your deck, patio or balcony hasn’t seen enough love lately, consider adding a few upgrades to get more from your outdoor space! Here are some ideas to enhance the open air amenities of your home.

benefits of houseplants

Improve Your Home and Office with the Benefits of Houseplants

Anyone who spends time appreciating Earth’s natural beauty will tell you how refreshing walking amongst the wilderness can be. “In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks,” wrote environmentalist John Muir. The true beauty of plants is that their benefits can be felt wherever we experience them, both outdoors and inside. ...