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Why get preapproved for a mortgage?

The spring real estate market has arrived! If you’re considering buying or refinancing a home, getting preapproved for your mortgage is an important first step.

falling rates

What do falling mortgage rates mean for you?

At the start of February, mortgage interest rates dropped to their lowest since 2016.1 Most people know this is good news, but not everyone understands exactly how it may affect them. Here’s a short explanation of the two big ways you may be able to benefit from falling mortgage rates.

facts vs. myths

5 mortgage myths, busted

Want to be smarter than the average mortgage borrower? Here are five common mortgage myths and the truth behind them. Read on, and you may gain an advantage when deciding what direction to take with your home financing.

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Is it time to refinance your mortgage?

With mortgage rates currently near record lows1, now is an advantageous time for many people to refinance their mortgages. A mortgage refinance involves replacing your current mortgage with a new loan, usually with a new interest rate, new monthly payment, new term (length) and other potential changes or benefits.

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How much cash do you need to buy a home?

Upfront costs are one of the biggest barriers to buying a home. Many people believe they need tens of thousands of dollars to make a purchase when much more affordable options may exist. Here’s an idea of just how much money you need to buy a home.

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