6 ways to lower your heating bill

Along with shorter days and longer jackets, higher heating bills are often accepted as just another fact of winter. Here are six ways to lower your heating costs so you can spend these cold months in a warm home with a heavier wallet.

Create a perfect reading nook

When the sun sets early and the weather turns chilly, settling down with a good book in a cozy corner of your home may be exactly what you need to unwind. Before cracking open that next book, read this guide to learn how you can put together an ideal reading nook.

When and how to cancel a credit card

So, you want to cancel a credit card. Whether you should do so and how to complete the task isn’t always so simple, though. Canceling a card requires more than just cutting it up, and retiring that piece of plastic can be either a wise financial move or an unnecessary ding to your credit score. ...

8 autumn home decorating ideas

With the turning of the leaves and the ripening of the harvest, there’s no doubt that Mother Nature knows how to decorate for autumn. But do you know how to spruce up your home for the season? If you need some help falling into fall décor, here are eight autumn decorating ideas to roll out ...

How to attract birds to your home

If you’re looking to entice a colorful collection of birds to your home, you’ll need more than just a sack of birdseed. Offering food to your feathered friends is a great start, but if you want them to stick around for more than just a quick snack, you’ll need to provide a more welcoming environment. ...

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