During this busy house hunting season it’s easy to get caught up in the appeal of a house. Before you choose a home based on aesthetics it’s important to make sure the parts that make up the home are in good condition. You should never buy a home without a professional inspection but you can also spot potential problems yourself. Here are some red flags you should note while touring houses.

Is the whole neighborhood for sale? If several homes on the block are listed for sale this could be considered a red flag. Ask around to make sure there are no issues such as crime or loud neighbors. It’s better to be safe than stuck in a bad neighborhood.

Is the outside of the home looking neglected? An unkempt exterior could suggest that the homeowners may be neglecting the inside of the home as well. Make sure to be extra cautious when viewing the interior and check for signs of poor home maintenance.

Is the yard sloping? Walk around the entire house and check the f

oundation for cracks. Does the yard slope toward the house? If so then you can expect water to be going into the basement. Foundation problems can be costly so be aware of these issues.

Do you notice any unpleasant smells? While walking through the home have you noticed any foul odors such as mustiness or pet odors? Foul odors could bring up many red flags such as mold, water damage, etc.

Do you see stains on the walls? If you notice any staining on the

 walls or the ceiling this could be water damage or mold. Ceiling stains are a big red flag as that means there are roofing problems.

Test the Windows. You will want to inspect the windows making sure there is no water damage around the frame. Make sure to check the functionality of the windows as well.

Ask if the home has been renovated. It’s important to know if a home has had work done to it to ensure that no load bearing walls have been removed and to ensure the structure of the house is in good shape.

Check the faucets. Check the faucets for water flow and hot water. Sometimes a low water flow can indicate plumbing issues which can be costly.

Check the functionality of all the doors in the home. If the doors are not closing properly this could mean there is foundation settling or framing issues.