When you are in the process of purchasing a home you will be having a professional inspect the home for any issues or needed repairs. If anything comes up you can negotiate with the seller on conditions. You also have the right to a final walk through when purchasing a home. It’s important to schedule the final walkthrough before your closing to ensure that all promised repairs have been made and that no other unexpected repairs have come up.

While you are walking through the home, confirm that all negotiated items were repaired or addressed and if there are any issues you will want to address these with your agent promptly so your closing is not delayed.

Other areas you will want to inspect include the plumbing and electric. Go around the house testing the toilets and the faucets ensuring everything is working correctly and that there are no leaks. You will also want to test the light switches, the major appliances, the garage door, and the windows.

If there are any new issues that arise during the final walk through, that are more than purely cosmetic fixes, you may still be able to negotiate with the seller. You want to get what you paid for and this is one of the largest purchases you will ever make. Take your time and be thorough as this final walk through is an important step in your home buying journey.