Wedding season is in full swing but did you know that 1 in 4 of the couples between the age of 18 and 34 will already own a home together before tying the knot. It is becoming a trend among Millennials where buying a home together is becoming a larger sign of commitment than getting married.

As couples go through the home buying process there are a lot of new learning opportunities including learning how to compromise.  There is a new bond that forms when becoming homeowners as together you will be making one of the largest purchases of your lives.

Some couples are finding that buying a house before getting married is a better move financially. Delaying marriage has allowed couples to buy larger homes as they have more money saved up for a down payment. There can be complications however when buying a home before tying the knot. When you buy a home before marriage you will both have equal partnership and if things go sour in the relationship you are stuck with half of a house with your ex.

Regardless if you plan on purchasing a home before or after marriage I would love to help you finance your first home together. Contact me today to get pre-approved so you can start the house hunt.