Being your mortgage lender I am always looking out for new opportunities for you to save on your home financing. In the spirit of Thanksgiving I would like to share some more money saving tips for you to consider throughout this holiday season.

First off if you are hosting the party you can conserve energy by turning down the thermostat. With a house full of guests and the oven filled with goodies you will have plenty of heat to keep your family warm. Another energy saving tip is to turn down the lights. Let the natural light shine in, create ambiance by lighting candles or build a fire for added warmth.

Since this holiday is all about sharing, why not have a potluck. Not only is it easier and cheaper but it helps bring everyone together. Another thing to remember is less is more. There are so many delicious foods to eat this time of year but you don’t want any of it to go to waste as that is money down the drain. Eliminate waste by trying some Thanksgiving leftover recipes so you are not stuck with turkey sandwiches for the rest of the week.

Here’s to hoping you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with your friends and family.