The home buying process can be a scary thing for a newbie especially since it’s probably the largest purchase you will ever make. Below are some simplified steps to help guide you along the way to homeownership.

Pre-Approval…House Hunt…Make an Offer

Before you start looking for a house it is important to first get pre-approved for a mortgage loan. After all you don’t want to fall in love with a house you cannot afford. Once you get your pre-approval letter from your mortgage loan officer you can start your house hunt. When you find the perfect house it will be time to make an offer.



If your offer is accepted your loan will move into processing where your financial information that you provide will be verified. At this time the appraisal will take place which will determine if the seller’s contract price is accurate. Also at this time a property inspector will be checking the home’s major components for flaws that you should know about.

Underwriting and Closing

Once all the details of your loan are squared away your loan will move into underwriting where your loan files will be reviewed for approval. Once your loan is approved you will be on your way to closing which is where you will sign all the paperwork finalizing the purchase of your new home.


The process of purchasing a new home can be simple if you work with the right lender and real estate agent. As your preferred lender I am dedicated to make this process run smoothly for you and am here to help you through each step.