While you may have missed out on historically low mortgage rates back in late 2012 and earlier lastyear, that doesn’t mean that 2014 will not be a good time for real estate. The truth is, the market is already picking up even though the winter months are generally slow. Will 2014 be your year to purchase a new home?

One thing to remember when deciding if you are ready to buy a home is to not be too heavily influenced by data. You may see news reports and articles online regarding mortgage rates and home prices but this information shouldn’t be the only reason you decide to buy. While a house is an investment it is first your home so buy when you are ready, not when someone tells you to.

Home buying is a huge step in life which comes with a great deal of responsibility. The best time to buy will always be when your finances allow you to afford a home that meets your needs. Take your time when making this decision and if you need help or advice don’t hesitate to contact me.