The home inspection is an important part of the home buying process as it will give you a better view on the condition of the home your about to purchase. Ultimately the home inspection is done to protect you from any unexpected problems both inside and outside the home. If issues do come up during the inspection you then have the power to negotiate with the seller to make repairs before closing or deduct the cost of the repairs from the asking price.

Purchasing a home will be one of the largest transactions of your life, with that said you want to make sure you make the right decision. Before you even make an offer on a home you should do your own inspection, making sure there are no obvious deficiencies. Some of the areas you should pay attention to include the foundation, the exterior condition, the roof,  windows and doors, the plumbing, the basement, even the appliances.

If your home inspection does uncover problems there are options for you to fix the damage. Minor issues should not necessarily deter you from buying a home as you can usually work with the seller to resolve them.