6 eco-friendly home features worth considering

Energy-saving, eco-friendly home features don’t just help the environment – they’re good for your finances as well. Here are six popular features that can help lower your bills, reduce waste and increase your home’s value.

Which home renovations add the most value?

Home renovations are a great way to enhance your home’s space, utility and appearance. Whether it’s an exterior project like adding on a new deck or an interior improvement such as updating the kitchen, there’s no shortage of ways to improve your home. Although almost all renovation projects will increase your home’s value, some have ...

Wine storage for every budget

For many people who appreciate wine, curating a collection of bottles for personal enjoyment, entertaining or collecting is a point of pride. However, to be preserved at its best, wine must be stored properly. Many wines are ideally stored horizontally, at a temperature of 55 F, between 60-68% humidity and away from light and vibrations. ...

The 7 steps of a home renovation loan

Renovating a home can be a worthwhile investment that improves the function, enjoyment and value of the property. Whether you want more space, new amenities or updated finishes, a renovation can deliver it. While a home improvement project may come with a big price tag, renovation loans are available to help finance the work and ...

How to brighten your home this winter

Winter has its charms, but the shorter days and longer nights are on few people’s lists of favorites. While you can’t make the sun stay up longer, you can take simple steps to bring more light into your living space. Here are six ways you can brighten up your home this winter.

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