5-ways-to-get-organized-for-back-to-schoolIt’s that time of year again for children, parents and teachers everywhere. Yes, that’s right, it’s almost time to head back to school! Starting a new school year brings a new routine which can be hectic, especially when you are coming off of a relaxing summer break. Ease into the upcoming school year with some helpful tips to keep your family organized through the transition from summertime to school time.

1. Create a homework station

Select a place in your home that is comfortable and quiet enough for your kids to complete their daily homework. Having a specific place for homework will help children tune out distractions like the television, tablets and cell phones and focus on their assignments. In addition, you’ll stay more organized by keeping all the at-home school supplies your children need in one convenient place.

2. Designate a drop spot for backpacks

Choose a location in your home where your kids can drop their backpacks after school each day. Knowing where their school items are will help to prevent important items from going missing since you’ll always know where to look. Having their supplies in one spot will keep things from being strewn around your home.

3. Plan outfits ahead of time

Make your weekday morning less chaotic by choosing your children’s outfits on Sunday. Consider purchasing five hooks and put each day’s clothes on a hook to make getting dressed faster and easier. Remember to remove and donate any items that no longer fit your children to make planning outfits as simple as possible.

4. Create a family calendar

Keep everyone in your family in the loop by creating a calendar that details each person’s weekly activities. Purchase a dry erase board that can hang in your kitchen so the whole family will see it each day. It will help you stay organized and plan your time better as a family.

5. Prepare lunches ahead of time

Instead of throwing lunches together right before school each day, take the time to make them the night before. Not only will it save you time each morning, it may allow you to pack healthier options for both your children and yourself, and reduce the costs of buying lunch at school and work.