Few rooms in your house can require access to so many things in so little space. Soap, shampoo, linens, hair products, makeup, medicine, cleaning supplies…and those are just the broad categories. It’s no wonder that the room where we clean ourselves up can often be the one that looks the most cluttered. If bathroom organization is a challenge for you, here are seven easy tips for accomplishing the task.

1. Detox your messy medicine cabinet

Your medicine cabinet’s contents should be limited to the items you need and use on a regular basis. This means taking inventory and removing anything that doesn’t fit that bill. Everyday grooming supplies rather than medications are best kept here. Everything else can be organized into labeled bins and kept below the sink or in a linen closet.

2. Detangle your hair product clutter

Gels, sprays, curlers, combs and hair dryers may help create volume in hair, but they often leave you with much less space in your bathroom. For easy organization, get a plastic tub for beneath the sink and fill it up with your gear. When you need an item, the entire tub can be removed and returned without making a mess.

3. Get on the hook for towel hangers

If you have more towels than towel rack space, hooks are a great solution. These inexpensive and easy to install add-ons can go on walls and doors to create a space for everyone to hang their towels. This will aid organization, help towels dry faster and keep your floor drier.

4. Makeup your mind on makeup storage

Makeup may help people look more put together, but it can lead to a very cluttered looking bathroom. A plethora of organizers are available to solve this problem, most built for either vanity countertops or drawers. Their variously sized compartments organize lipstick, blush, eye shadow and everything else. While you’re tidying up, be sure to discard anything that smells off or is expired as it may contain bacteria that can irritate your skin.

5. Bring your shower caddy up to par

Perhaps nowhere else is organization more important than the sudsy, slippery realm of your shower. Your shower caddy should be just the right size to keep everything you need close at hand without making your shower needlessly hard to clean. A wealth of caddy options are available, including over-the-showerhead, suction shelves and corner caddies. Instead of adding more storage, consider paring down your bath products to just the essentials so you have less to organize.

6. Try a toilet topper

The space above the toilet is often an underutilized area with storage potential. Purpose-built toilet “space savers” can provide shelves, drawers and cabinets above your porcelain throne. Prices start as low as $30 for basic wireframe models, with attractive wooden units usually at about $50 and up.

7. Flip your lid for apothecary jars

If you have counter space to spare and don’t mind adding some items out in the open, a few apothecary jars can be both stylish and practical. Cotton swabs, makeup pads and bath salts are all popular contents. These are especially useful for guests as they can find supplies at a glance without needing to poke through your cabinets and drawers.

Your bathroom should be a place to clean and refresh yourself each day, and with these organization steps accomplished, this space will be all the more effective for doing just that.