security camera

Tips to make your home safer

We’re fortunate enough to live in a time of unmatched safety and comfort. However, it’s all too easy to overlook the more mundane dangers that still exist in our homes. Though they rarely grab headlines, threats such as fire, carbon monoxide and falls leave thousands injured or worse every year. Thankfully, many of these dangers ...

cat and dog

Tips for making your home pet-friendly

An estimated 67% of U.S. households are home to one or more pets. These animals bring a special joy to many homes, but they also bring unique needs. If you have a pet or plan to get one, here are some ways you can make your home more pet-friendly.

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2020 real estate predictions

A new year has arrived, which means many people are planning to buy or sell a home in the coming months. The spring real estate market, which begins as early as January, is the busiest real estate season in many parts of the country. If you’re planning to buy or sell in 2020, here are ...

7 less-obvious things to do when you move into your new home

Moving into a new home is a daunting but exciting process. There are many well-known steps to follow: clean the home from top to bottom, connect your utilities, unpack your belongings, update your address with your contacts and service providers, etc. This article isn’t about those steps. Instead, here are seven less-common but worthwhile things ...

What to expect from your remodeling project

Renovating your home can be a worthwhile investment, but it often comes with a big price tag and a major disruption in your home routine. Remodeling projects can take weeks or even months, filling your home with noise, dust and workers if not denying you access to certain areas or systems in your home. Before ...

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