How to build and use an emergency fund

In weather and in life, rainy days are inevitable. From natural disasters and economic hardship to car repairs and medical bills, the unexpected happens, and it can be expensive. Insurance coverage, support networks and government aid are important safety nets, but they aren’t always enough. That’s why experts recommend maintaining an emergency fund to prepare for a rainy day.

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Tips for making your home a stress-free sanctuary

Your home should be one of the places where you are most relaxed. It should be a refuge from many of life’s stresses and a haven that provides comfort, privacy and amenities. How you arrange and maintain your living space, however, may determine whether your home relieves stress or contributes to it. Here are some tips you can apply to help relieve stress and promote relaxation at home.

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Why fall can be a great time to buy a home

Spring and summer are traditionally popular times to purchase a home in many parts of the country. However, home shopping in autumn can offer several unique advantages. Here are four reasons why buying a home in this season may be beneficial.

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Important money lessons to teach your children

Money management is an important skill for children to learn, but it’s a lesson that many parents fail to provide. To be fair, talking about money is often difficult. The topic can be personal, technical and moral. Some parents are not confident enough in their own knowledge to pass it on, and others are so confident they forget that the basics even need to be discussed. Regardless of these hesitations, you should set your children up for success in life by educating them on how to be responsible managers of money. Here are six essential money lessons and how you can teach them to your kids.

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How homeownership helps protect you from inflation

Inflation is back in the news this year. While the U.S. inflation rate had remained low at about 2% since 2010, it has surged past 5% this year, pushing up prices and squeezing pocketbooks. Thankfully, there are a few ways to reduce the harmful impacts of inflation, and many Americans are already using one – homeownership. Here’s a look at what inflation is and how owning a home can offer some protection against it.

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