5-tips-to-prepare-your-backyard-for-summer-partiesNow that warmer weather is upon us, nothing is better than relaxing outdoors surrounded by the smell of freshly cut grass, beautiful flowers, lush trees and, of course, family and friends. Good preparation of outdoor areas is crucial to maximizing your lounging experience to be more relaxing and entertaining. You want to make sure the space fits all of your needs as well. Here are some tips for creating outdoor spaces that you’ll never want to leave.

Tip #1: Spread the Shade. Many people would rather stay out of the sun and sit in the shade. Having a roof or awning that is exposed to the outside is very desirable. Maneuvering for shade under an umbrella just doesn’t cut it.

Tip #2: Carefully Consider Furniture. The style and layout of the furniture in your backyard will set the tone. Consider an L-shaped sofa against the grass at a beachfront property or a black wrought iron dining set on a city penthouse terrace.

Tip #3: Inspire Intimacy. The best outdoor spaces have great flow but are intimate in scale. You can achieve a setting for memorable gatherings by keeping the furnishings simple but functional.

Tip #4: Consider How It All Works Together. The combination of everything as a whole gives off energy. Use shapes and colors to create patterns throughout your entertainment area, and then repeat the patterns in large and small ways.

Tip #5: Plan for Cooler Weather. You should always have some flexibility in your outdoor space. You can add a fire pit for gatherings in cooler weather, which can easily be covered by a large box cushion for lounging and sunning during the summer.