Is your credit ready for a home purchase?

Is your credit ready for a home purchase?

When you apply for a mortgage, your qualifications will be reviewed, and your credit will have a significant impact on what mortgage rates and loan products will be available to you. The stronger your credit, the better chance you have at qualifying for a great interest rate and more loan options. Because of this, your ...

Smart uses for your tax refund

Last year, the average federal tax refund was over $3,000. While this season’s typical refund is expected to be smaller, many Americans can still expect a nice chunk of change back from the IRS. If you can resist the urge to splurge with your refund, here are five ideas on how to put it to ...

What to consider before opening a store credit card

If you’re like many people, there’s a business or several where you shop regularly. Maybe it’s a big box store, your local grocer or a fashion retailer. Because of how much money you spend there, it may seem smart to get a store credit card for promotions and savings. However, there are several things to ...

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5 Ideas for Reducing Your Household Expenses

Many Americans are looking for ways to strengthen their household finances these days. Tracking your spending and following a budget are good first steps, and to stick to that budget, some cuts may be necessary. Here are five ideas to save on your household expenses so you’ll have more left over for what’s important.

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4 ways to put your tax refund to good use

This tax season, the average federal tax refund is over $1,900. Tax refunds are a happy windfall for many people, and it’s tempting to spend that lump sum of cash on something fun. However, if you can resist the urge to splurge, here are four ways you can invest your refund toward your financial future:

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