6 eco-friendly home features worth considering

Energy-saving, eco-friendly home features don’t just help the environment – they’re good for your finances as well. Here are six popular features that can help lower your bills, reduce waste and increase your home’s value.

The many benefits of houseplants

Human beings love plants. We take long walks in nature, we obsess over our lawns and gardens and we bring flora into our homes in the form of houseplants. But more than mere window dressing, indoor greenery offers several benefits. Here are the common perks of keeping houseplants in your home or office.

Why online home value estimators aren’t reliable

Whether you’re looking to buy, sell or refinance a home or are simply curious about its value, online home value estimators are popular tools. Also known as automated valuation models (AVMs), they include services such as Zillow Zestimate and Redfin Estimate. AVMs work by using available data about a property to calculate a home value ...

Tips for making your home a stress-free sanctuary

Your home should be one of the places where you are most relaxed. It should be a refuge from many of life’s stresses and a haven that provides comfort, privacy and amenities. How you arrange and maintain your living space, however, may determine whether your home relieves stress or contributes to it. Here are some ...

I’ve Made a Professional Move

I’ve made a professional move to 1st Advantage Mortgage, a Draper and Kramer company, that specializes in full-service mortgage banking and has been helping people with their real estate needs since 1893. They’re a time-tested partner to help us take advantage of today’s market. Please update your records with my new contact information. I’m grateful ...