5 signs you’ve outgrown your home

5 signs you’ve outgrown your home

Is clutter piling up in your home? Do you need more space for the newest addition to your family? Or are you simply ready for an upgrade? Here are five potential signs that it’s time for a bigger home.

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The spring real estate market is on the way

The calendar may say it’s winter, but the spring real estate market isn’t far off. This period is one of the most popular times to buy or sell a home, and in some regions, it begins as early as January or February. If you’re planning to make a move, spring can be the ideal time ...

Buying or Selling in Winter

The advantages of buying or selling a home in winter

Winter is the slow season for the real estate market in many parts of the country. With holiday celebrations underway, the school year midway through and harsh weather in northern regions, many buyers and sellers hold off until spring or summer instead. However, making a move during winter is not without its perks. Here are ...


What to do before a home appraisal

Whether you’re selling your home or refinancing it, a home appraisal is often a required part of the process. This typically involves a home appraiser visiting your home to make a professional assessment of its value. A strong appraisal allows you to proceed toward your goal, but a low appraisal could kill a sale or ...


Is the housing boom over?

For more than two years, the U.S. real estate market has been booming. Home values have increased at a record rate, properties have sold fast and buying a home in many parts of the country has become a challenge. Now, sales of existing homes are falling, price appreciation is slowing and some home sellers are ...

Who needs your address when you move

When moving to a new home, an important step is to provide your new address to everyone who needs it. However, remembering every person, company and institution that needs to know your address can be a challenge — especially when you’re in the middle of a move. While your exact list of necessary contacts may ...

Why more homebuyers are bidding above asking price

Buying a home has traditionally involved negotiating the sale price down from the seller’s asking price. Recently, however, the opposite has become common. Thanks to the hot real estate market, as many as half of all home sales now close for more than asking price. Here’s why this is occurring and how you can decide ...

Why waiting to buy a home could cost you more

If you’re thinking about buying a home, should you buy sooner or later? Home prices are predicted to rise by 11% in 2022, and mortgage rates are expected to increase to 4%. That means if you wait to buy, it could cost you a lot more.

5 benefits of homeownership

Home values in the U.S. are reaching record highs, and not without good reason. Homeownership offers many important benefits that Americans continue to take advantage of. Here are several ways that you can gain from owning a home.

When and how to put your home in a trust

What will happen to your home after you die? This is probably not a topic you’re eager to discuss, but it’s important to have a plan for how your home will be passed on to your heirs, especially as you enter your golden years. Most people rely on the probate process, either through a will ...

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