Tips to create a welcoming guest bedroom

Tips to create a welcoming guest bedroom

Creating a welcoming guest bedroom is an excellent way to show your guests that you care about their comfort and wellbeing. A well-appointed guest bedroom not only provides a comfortable and private space for your visitors to rest but also makes them feel appreciated and valued. Here are some tips for outfitting your guest bedroom.

Home Safe

What should you keep in your home safe?

A home safe can be a worthwhile investment to protect your important belongings from fire, theft or other hazards. Choosing the right safe is important, but so is choosing what to put in it. Here are some suggestions for what to keep in your home safe.

Reducing Heating Bill

Tips for reducing your winter heating bill

Heating costs are expected to surge this winter. While you can’t control utility prices, there are several things you can do to minimize your heating bill. Here’s some advice that should help you stay cozy through winter without burning through too much cash.


What natural disasters does your home insurance cover?

The recent devastation from Hurricane Ian has highlighted the unfortunate fact that many homeowners are not insured against all types of natural disasters. While most home insurance plans cover wind damage from hurricanes and other storms, damage from floods and some other events is not covered by default. Here’s what natural disasters typically are and ...

How to get more from your mail

Even in the age of email, old-fashioned “snail mail” is still an important and well-used service. However, traditional mail has its hassles and limitations. These include issues like misdirected items, damaged parcels and messy mailboxes. Thankfully, there are a few great high-tech ways you can improve your postal experience. Here are some tips to help ...

12 tips for finding the perfect gifts

The holiday season has arrived, and our jolly team at Draper and Kramer Mortgage is here to help you with your gift giving. Just follow these 12 tips we’ve collected to assist you in finding the perfect presents without breaking a sweat or the bank.

Tips to reduce dust in your home

Dust is a fact of life. Outside of high-tech factory clean rooms, a bit of dust is the norm, and your health and comfort are usually not affected. Inside the home can be a different story, however. Enclosed spaces can cause the components of dust – tiny bits of cloth, paper, hair, pet dander, skin ...

What size TV should you buy?

Once upon a time, buying a “big screen” TV meant shelling out a small fortune to watch fuzzy video on a bulky appliance the size of a bedroom dresser. Times have certainly changed. Today, $500 will score you a 55-inch panel with pristine image quality that you can hang from the wall.

Do you know your credit scores?

Your credit scores are little numbers that can have a big effect. Everything from the credit card offers you receive in the mail to how much you pay on a new loan may be impacted by your credit scores. If your scores aren’t what you think they are, buying your next car, home or other ...

Tips for buying a home sight unseen

Over the last year or so, buying homes “sight unseen” – without visiting them in person – has become more popular for several reasons. Firstly, pandemic restrictions and concerns motivated many people to purchase homes without setting foot in them first. Secondly, with long-distance moves becoming more common, buying sight unseen has been a way ...

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