If you’re looking to buy your next home, it’s likely that you already have a number of items on your homebuying wish list. As a parent, that list may get a bit longer since children have many unique needs. Check out some of these suggestions for things to consider when buying a home if you have children.

1. Schools

Quality local schools are one of the most important things many parents look for when buying a home. In fact, it’s common for homebuyers with children to select a school system before choosing a neighborhood and a home. Internet resources such as GreatSchools.org and local resources like your real estate agent can help you find quality schools that fit your criteria and help guide your home search.

2. Neighborhood and amenities

Choosing a family-friendly neighborhood is important when you have children. Many parents look for neighborhoods that are home to families with similarly aged children and offer desirable qualities such as a safe environment, limited street traffic and easy access to parks, shopping, daycare and other amenities. Your agent can advise you on neighborhoods that may be the right fit, and simply driving, biking or walking around a community is a good way to get a feel for it.

3. Space and privacy

Both parents and children value a certain degree of space and privacy at home. Consider how much square footage and how many rooms you will need for your family, including bedrooms as well as kid-friendly spaces such as a playroom or family room. For greater privacy, look for homes with multiple levels, good separation between living and sleeping spaces and options for a home office, reading nook or hobby room.

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