Steps to maintain your gas grill


Now that we’re well into the summer grilling season, it’s the perfect time to check and clean your grill so it continues cooking at its best. Here are some steps and tips to follow.

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Ideas for home features that kids love


The features that make a home stand out often differ from person to person — especially between adults and children. While adults may value amenities such as a spacious kitchen with brand new appliances or an open living room with ample natural light, home elements that appeal to children tend toward the fun and whimsical. If you have children and are looking for ways to outfit your home to delight them, here are some home features that kids love.

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The right type of mortgage for every stage of life


When you’re buying or refinancing a home, the mortgage that’s right for you may depend on where you are in your life. Your mortgage is a part of your lifelong financial strategy, and it should change and evolve with you and your household’s needs, goals and circumstances. Whether you want the most affordable payment available, to minimize interest and fees or to access cash for saving, spending or investment, each objective may require a different mortgage solution. Here are some guidelines to consider at each stage of life when deciding what direction to take with your mortgage.

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5 things to do before you start shopping for a home

If you’ve decided to buy a home, it’s tempting to jump right into your home search. However, rushing into home shopping before you’ve laid the proper groundwork can lead to mistakes, frustrations and expenses down the road. To give yourself a better chance for a smooth, affordable and stress-free home purchase, you need to prepare first. Here are five things to do before you ever set foot in a home for sale.

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