178Why should winter get the cold shoulder from Buyers and Sellers? While spring and summer are naturally the busiest seasons in real estate, there is no reason why you should put off buying or selling a home this winter.

Buying Advantages

Sellers are often motivated for strong reasons such as job relocation

Fewer homes for sale means less competition as well as less time trying to filter though the multitude of homes on the market trying to narrow down your search

You may have more time to make your decision while during the busy time you have to act fast or you will lose the deal

Buying homes in the winter allows you to test the heating and hot water systems as well as check the windows for drafts.

While winter weather can be bleak, you may benefit from being able to see how the neighborhood takes care of snow and ice removal as well as how they decorate for the holidays

Selling Advantages

Buyers are often motivated for strong reasons such as job relocation

With fewer homes on the market sellers also are in the driver’s seat because there are simply fewer options to choose from and if they need to buy they will pick one of them

Buyers get to see your home decorated to its finest which helps tap into buyers emotions

Many people take the time to check out local real estate while in their hometowns for the holidays

Take a home off the market during winter and you may miss your opportunity as it only takes one buyer to sell a home