7-important-tasks-to-begin-before-closing-dayBuying a home can be an arduous process. Follow this list of items to take care of before closing to make your move much more manageable.

1. Book movers

Whether you want to hire a professional moving company, or just rent a truck and do the work yourself, make sure you book them as soon as you know your closing date. You don’t want to be stuck trying to find a friend with a pick-up truck at the last minute to help you out.

2. Call a locksmith

Of course you’re excited to get the keys to your new house, but you don’t know how many copies of the key the previous owners handed out to friends, family and neighbors. Make sure to book the locksmith as close to your move-in date as possible, so it’s one less thing you’re stressing about the first night in your new home.

3. Switch utilities over

This one is easy to forget about! Gas, electric, and cable all need to be switched over to your new home. Be sure to make the calls at least two weeks ahead of time to play it safe.

4. Transfer home services

If you hire out any home maintenance services such as housecleaning, lawn mowing or snow shoveling, make sure to call each one to make sure they have your new address. You wouldn’t want them showing up to find that you’ve moved and have to still pay for the service at your old residence.

5. Hire babysitter/pet sitter

You likely won’t want to deal with unhappy children or a wandering dog on closing day. Consider leaving your kids and pets with a babysitter, friend or relative for a few days (ideally, during the actual move as well) so they can come home to a somewhat unpacked new place with their new sleeping areas already set up.

6. Start hoarding takeout menus

Chances are your kitchen won’t be unpacked enough to cook in your first few nights in your new home. Be sure to drive through your soon-to-be new neighborhood and collect up-to-date menus from local pizza, deli and any other delicious-looking takeout spots ahead of your move.

7. Clear your calendar

Closing day is not something to take lightly. Make sure your calendar is cleared of meetings and let your co-workers know that you might not be readily available. Make sure your phone is fully charged in case the closing lasts a few hours. If it’s a quick and painless closing, you’ll be happy your phone is charged to snap a celebratory “Got the keys!” pic for Instagram.