4-tasks-to-complete-before-listing-your-homeDeciding to sell your home requires a lot of thought and planning. Coincidentally, so does preparing your home for the competitive real estate market. In order to maximize your listing price and sell quickly, your house needs to stand out from the competition. Before listing your home, you’ll want to complete these four tasks to ensure your house is in tip-top shape.

1. Inspections

Having your home inspected prior to listing is a very crucial step that should not be skipped in efforts to save money. If there are any issues with your home, you will want to address them early on so you can either repair them or account for them with a lower listing price.

2. Declutter

When selling your home, remember that less-is-more as far as decorations and personal items. You want potential buyers to have the ability to view your home as a place they could make their own. Keep family photos and other personal trinkets to a minimum and stash away any items that you don’t use on a regular basis. Clear up some space in your kitchen cabinets by packing away any items you won’t need until you move into your new home.

3. Upgrades

Improving the aesthetic appeal of your home before listing can have a huge impact on how quickly your home will sell. Since bathrooms and kitchens are key considerations for buyers, you should want to make them shine. You can easily do that by cleaning the grout in your bathroom and adding some fresh paint to the walls and kitchen cabinets. Additionally, you should think about having your carpets and rugs professionally cleaned, or refinishing your hardwood floors to make an even bigger impression.

4. Research

Buyers today research as much as they can about your property, so you need to be ready for them. Contact your local building department and verify there are no outstanding issues with your home. Ensure the property records are accurate and fix any discrepancies you might find. Verify that your title report is clean and talk with your agent about potential disclosure items.