6-easy-ways-to-decorate-your-outdoor-spaceSummertime provides many opportunities to spend time outdoors with family and friends. Enjoy dinner outside instead of being cooped up inside, have a neighbor over for coffee on the front porch or host a backyard barbecue. Make your outdoor space more inviting for your guests by sprucing it up for summer with these tips!

1. Before you decorate, make sure to thoroughly clean the area and remove any built up debris. Rinse outdoor furniture, sweep up dirt and check for any evidence of insects or wildlife that will need to be removed.

2. Once cleaned, rearrange your outdoor furniture to maximize the space you have to take advantage of the view and promote relaxation and good conversation.

3. Add some potted plants in various places to fully embrace nature and add pops of color to your outdoor space.

4. Consider introducing bright summer colors into your outdoor d├ęcor to make it feel like a tropical oasis. Try adding throw pillows in fun colors and patterns, a decorative indoor/outdoor rug, and some bright outdoor candles.

5. Purchase a set of outdoor speakers or a docking station, so you can listen to music outside whether you are relaxing or entertaining guests.

6. The sun is lovely, but can easily be too hot. Install something that can provide shade, such as an umbrella or a canopy.