7-tips-for-making-your-home-pet-friendlyIf you’re one of the estimated 79.7 million U.S. households that have a pet, then you understand that a house is truly not a home without having a cat or dog as part of the family. But, do you ever wonder what your pet does while you are away from home? Since you cannot be home 100% of the time, it is important to make sure that your home is as pet-friendly as can be for your furry friends.

Here are 7 ways to make your cats and dogs feel safe and comfortable, whether you are home or away.

1. Create a special spot

As much as pets crave your attention, they also enjoy having a special spot all to themselves. Make their dreams come true (literally) by designating a special space just for them. Be sure to include a bed, a cozy blanket and a few toys.

2. Designate a cabinet for their items

Keep all of your pet’s items in one spot so they are separated from your things and easy to locate. Choose a spot that is out of their reach and can hold their food, treats, medication, leash and toys.

3. Pet-proof your home

Many common household items are dangerous for pets, so it is best to remove them to prevent any accidents. It is a good idea to make sure your garbage cans are inaccessible to your pets, as well as cleaning products, medication and even some house plants which may be considered dangerous to their health.

4. Gate off areas

Once you’ve removed harmful items, you can decide which areas you are comfortable letting your pet roam around in when you are not home. It may be in your best interest to invest in a few baby gates to keep pets out of the rooms where you want to limit access.

5. Check outdoor space

Equally as important as making the interior pet-safe, is thoroughly checking your yard for danger. If you have a fence, inspect it to ensure that it will be able to contain your dog in your yard. Make sure you remove any garden tools to prevent injury to your pet. Before you landscape, always do your research to ensure your plants are not toxic.

6. Choose the right flooring

Pets can be tough on your floors, which is why it is a good idea to be mindful of your flooring choices. Hard floors, either tile, hardwood or laminate are best for pets because they are much easier to clean up hair, pet-related spills or accidents that may occur.

7. Cover your furniture

Before you allow your dog or cat on the furniture, cover with sheets or throw blankets to prevent pet hair and stains from getting onto the surface of your furniture.