Good hospitality is more than just an attitude – it also requires thoughtful attention to detail. This is especially true when hosting guests in your home. Whether you have a dedicated guest room or a space that pulls double duty, here are 8 things to include to ensure your guests feel at home in your home.

1. Bedding

Promote a comfy night’s sleep with high-thread-count, 100 percent cotton sheets, a thick duvet and a variety of pillows.

2. Towels and toiletries

Provide towels, robes and toiletries (such as toothpaste, bath products and cotton swabs) in an easy-to-find spot so your guests can freshen up with ease.

3. Nightstand essentials

A bedside lamp, a dimmable illuminated clock and easy access to power plugs ensure your guests can read, keep an eye on the time and power their electronic devices.

4. Functional areas

If you have the space and furnishings, a dressing area with mirror or a work area with desk will make your guests feel even more at home.

5. Window treatments

Grant your guests privacy and block out obstructive nighttime light with proper blinds, shades or drapes.

6. Reading material

Help your guests wind down in the evening by stocking magazines, coffee table books or short story or poetry collections.

7. Beverages

If the kitchen isn’t close at hand, a teapot with packets of tea and coffee makes for a convenient pick-me-up for guests.

8. Flowers

Add life and color to the room with a fresh bouquet of flowers (such as tulips) from a local grocer or florist.