It’s old wisdom not to judge a book by its cover, but human nature doesn’t always agree. That can prove troublesome when trying to sell your home. No matter how fantastic your home’s living space, backyard or overall potential, if it doesn’t impress from the street, the right buyer may never bother to step through the front door. Here are a few simple improvements to boost your home’s curb appeal and sell your home this spring.

Paint and wash

A new coat or color of paint for the door, trim and shutters on your home is a simple way to make an impact. A color that’s bold but not gaudy and compliments the other colors of your house may be a good choice. If your siding, gutters, patio or driveway is looking dingy, a good pressure washing can help restore their original beauty.

Upgrade fixtures and hardware

Exterior lights. Door hardware. House numbers. The mailbox. Are the ones on your home stylish, modern, practical and fully functional? If not, upgrading them could be a good way to boost your home’s appeal. When choosing what to replace and what to replace it with, consider any painting that the job may require and how well the new items will mount in their predecessors’ place.

Landscape or garden

Add new life to your home with actual life in the form of plants. Flower pots, window boxes, garden plots, shrubs or even a full tree can lend color, contrast and liveliness to your property. Keep in mind how the plants will look and the maintenance they will require throughout the year as well as how large they will eventually grow.

With these modest investments, your home will be more likely to turn the head of your perfect buyer and get you the sale you want.