Backyard Deck with grill and picnic table summer partyWhat’s summer without enjoying the outdoors, and what’s a home without the opportunity to share it with others? These two joys come together when hosting a summer party. Here are some ideas on how to make the most of your summer get-together.

Manage the menu

Food is the heart and soul of almost any party. Have a game plan for purchasing, storing, preparing and serving your party spread. If grilling, make sure your grill is in clean, working order and that you’re well stocked with charcoal or gas. If you’re going potluck style, coordinate guests’ contributions so you don’t end up with a half dozen fruit salads. Don’t forget to keep any special dietary needs for your guests in mind.

Get off your feet with ample seats

Your party shouldn’t be an informal game of musical chairs. Ensure you have sufficient seating for all your guests. If your patio furniture can’t accommodate everyone, break out the folding camp chairs, press your kitchen or dining room seating into use, spread some blankets on the lawn or consider renting a set of folding chairs.

Provide some fun in the sun

There’s nothing wrong with sitting, eating and drinking, but a summer party can be much more. If you have the space, consider adding some games or activities for guests. Yard games like cornhole, frisbee, bocce, badminton, horseshoes, ladder golf and others can appeal to a wide range of ages. Popular diversions for kids include bubbles, a slip ‘n’ slide or even just a sprinkler to run through.

Have it made in the shade

There can definitely be too much of a good thing when it comes to the sun. Make sure your guests don’t burn by providing ample shade. If your home’s permanent features and your yard’s foliage don’t offer enough coverage, consider patio umbrellas, sun shades or pop-up canopies.

Turn up the tunes

What’s a party without music? Thanks to the availability of affordable Bluetooth speakers, it’s a piece of cake to pipe your playlist or desired genre from your smart device to a quality, portable and potentially even waterproof speaker. For some top-rated suggestions, click here.

Don’t let rain be your bane

Don’t let Mother Nature rain on your parade. Keep an eye on the forecast and have a plan for the rain, whether that means shelter outside, retreating indoors or cancelling altogether.

Light the night

If your party will go past sunset, make sure no one’s left in the dark. Should your home’s outdoor lighting be insufficient, consider hanging up strings of lights or adding tea lights, tiki torches or hurricane lamps.

Whether you’re hosting a massive bash or an intimate gathering, these tips should help ensure it’s a success. Party on!