How to prevent fires at home

Fire Prevention Week is observed every year during the week of October 8 to commemorate the devastation of the Great Chicago Fire, which began on that date in 1871. The jury is still out on the O’Leary’s cow theory, but today, we know reliable ways to make our homes safer. Here are some tips on ...

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Tips to make your home safer

We’re fortunate enough to live in a time of unmatched safety and comfort. However, it’s all too easy to overlook the more mundane dangers that still exist in our homes. Though they rarely grab headlines, threats such as fire, carbon monoxide and falls leave thousands injured or worse every year. Thankfully, many of these dangers ...

How to create a home fire safety plan

While fire safety technology and firefighting techniques are more advanced than ever, the ultimate responsibility for fire safety in your home still falls on you and your household. The smallest errant spark can spread through a home in minutes, and if caught unprepared, children and adults alike may not know how to respond.

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What to keep in your home safe

A home safe is a wise investment to protect your important belongings from fire, theft or other hazards. Choosing the right safe is important, but so is choosing what to put in it. Here are some suggestions for what to keep in your home safe.

A fruit bowl sits on the counter of a large spacious kitchen. Food storage.

14 foods to leave out of your refrigerator

Your humble refrigerator makes a major contribution to food storage, safety and convenience in your home, but it’s not right for all foods. With some products, cold storage can degrade flavors, reduce nutrients or even speed up spoilage. Here are 14 favorites that you should consider leaving out of your fridge.

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