Home decor - blue and white drapes small white table with green plant.Even the nicest homes have their flaws. Dinged up appliances. Cluttered cables. Obtrusive outlets. The list goes on. It’s not always practical to replace or move the less-than-attractive elements in your home decor. Instead, there are often clever ways to hide, disguise or redecorate these interior eyesores. Here are some home ideas.

TV and Internet equipment

Conceal equipment like modems and routers inside decorative boxes (check craft stores) or old book bindings and cut holes in the back for cords.

Ugly appliances

Cover your outdated or scratched appliances with removable wallpaper or give them a coat of paint.

Window air conditioner units

Hang café-style curtains from a tension rod to conceal an air conditioner while not obstructing the flow of air when in use.

Desk cables

Install a drop cloth behind your desk to hide messy cables, or add hooks, a shelf and/a power strip to the underside to manage cables and equipment.

Charging electronics

Drill holes through the back of a cabinet or nightstand and into a drawer to add an interior power strip for electronics to be charged out of sight.

Bathroom products

Fill some stylish pump dispensers with your frequently used liquid cleaning and beauty products for convenient access without leaving cluttered bottles lying about.

Garbage and laundry bins

Add pull-out or tilt-out drawers to keep these items out of sight but within easy access.

Breaker boxes, outlets, thermostats and alarm panels

Hang artwork over these items to obscure them from sight. A canvas on a frame, mounted on hinges, is one extra-convenient solution.

Exposed laundry center

Add a curtain on a track or rod to pull a disappearing act on your dirty laundry when needed.

Basement posts

Transform utilitarian basement supports into stately columns with some simple woodwork.

With these creative tricks and a bit of effort, there will be less to distract from what makes your home décor great.