Houseplant in a wooden pot on the ledge of a bathroom window.Bathrooms might seem like the ideal environment for plants, but adding greenery to your washroom isn’t quite so simple. The fluctuations in temperature and humidity and the lack of natural light in many bathrooms limit which kinds of plants can thrive there. If you’re looking to spruce up your bathroom with some plant life, here are 10 options that are likely to thrive.

  1. Aloe vera*

Low-maintenance aloe vera makes a fine addition to any bathroom. Just be sure to keep this succulent out of direct sunlight to avoid burnt leaves.

  1. Orchids

These famed flowers make for a stunning accent in any part of the home, including bathrooms. While they don’t like the cold, they thrive in humidity and don’t take up much space. Some varieties require moderate light, and others need bright light.

  1. Bamboo

Hearty bamboo requires only low or indirect light, making it a great bathroom candidate. Just be aware that they can grow quite large, even in containers. Opt for “clumping” rather than “running” varieties to avoid the need for frequent repotting.

  1. Begonia

Many varieties of Begonia can thrive in containers and in warm, humid, low-light conditions. The colorful and ornamental Begonia rex variety is particularly well-suited to indoor growing.

  1. Pothos*

This leafy vine is almost foolproof to maintain. They thrive in either low light or bright, indirect light and simply need to be watered whenever their soil feels dry. To keep the vines in check, simply trim them back to just above a leaf and allow them to fill out.

  1. Croton*

If you’re thinking big for your bathroom foliage, croton (Codiaeum variegatum) grow slow but large and wide – up to three feet by three feet. Available in a variety of colors, crotons need bright but indirect sunlight and plenty of moisture.

  1. Cyclamen*

Though they require extra effort to grow indoors, this attractive flowering plant may reward you with colorful blooms. Make sure they receive bright light, especially in the winter.

  1. Ferns

If your bathroom doesn’t get too cold, houseplant ferns can thrive there. When choosing a variety, check how much sunlight it requires and ensure your bathroom can provide the needed amount.

  1. Gardenia

Another flowering plant that requires some finesse to grow, gardenias love humidity but won’t respond well to big swings in temperature. Be sure they receive bright, indirect light.

  1. Philodendron*

This relatively easy-to-grow tropical plant is at home in bathroom conditions. Its varieties include those that vine, trail and grow upright several feet. Philodendron require bright but indirect sunlight.

Best of luck with your bathroom botany!

* Plants marked with an asterisk may be toxic to humans and/or animals, so keep them out of reach of pets and young children or choose other plants to be safest. Always research each exact plant variety you consider for any safety concerns.

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