Carrots and radishes in a vegetable gardenWere you planning to start a vegetable garden this summer but never got around to it? Not to worry! You should still have time to plant several varieties of veggies. Here are the late bloomers you can plant now to enjoy before the growing season ends.


Planting broccoli in mid-summer is ideal, as it will reach maturity between 50-70 days after it’s planted, giving you broccoli to enjoy during the fall. It also can withstand light frost, so harvesting in early fall isn’t unrealistic.


Carrots take a long time to grow, about 10 weeks, so planting them in mid-summer will provide carrots in just time for your autumn meals.


Forget the saying “knee high by the Fourth of July”, because corn can still be planted in July, as long as you choose the right variety. Make sure you select the type that is marked “early”, and it should only take about 60-70 days to mature.


Kale can safely be planted in mid to late summer for a full fall harvest, making it the perfect ingredient to include in soups, stews and other delicious autumn dishes.


Beets are a cool weather crop and can be planted in late summer and be ready to harvest in about 45-60 days.

Green beans

Green beans, especially bush beans, are known to grow well when planted in mid-summer. They take about 60-70 days to mature and require little maintenance. Many people agree that green beans planted for fall harvest taste better than those planted in spring.

Don’t have a yard and still want to get in on the gardening game? Look into container gardening!