car packed for a moveWhen moving to a new home, an important step is to provide your new address to everyone who needs it. However, remembering every person, company and institution that requires your address can be a challenge – especially when you’re in the middle of a move. While your exact list of necessary contacts may differ, here are the typical groups that will want or need your updated address.

  • Friends, family and employers
  • Post Office
  • Medical providers and prescriptions
  • Cell phone emergency call address
  • Banking, credit/loan, investment and insurance accounts
  • Government agencies (e.g. tax agencies, Social Security Administration)
  • Utilities (e.g. electric, TV/Internet, phone, gas, water, trash, sewer)
  • Services and subscriptions
  • Online shopping addresses
  • Driver’s licenses
  • Car registration
  • School registration
  • Voter registration

To avoid unnecessary complications, start making or scheduling these address changes early on so you can focus on your move and start enjoying your new home sooner.

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