Upgrade your Home with your Tax Refund

Instead of blowing your tax refund on shopping sprees or vacations why not invest your money back into your home. Your home is one of your largest assets so it is important to take care of your home so when it comes time to sell you will be in good shape to make a profit. ...

Luxury Home Trends

According to a study done by Trulia, marble baths and roof decks are in and BBQ’s and hardwood floors are out. Trulia analyzed words and phrases from two years’ worth of luxury listings (homes priced at least four times above median asking price) to see what features are trending and what is not. Some of ...

Home Trends to Follow

If your home needs some updating look no further than the top trends of the season. Many of today’s trends incorporate the modern vintage theme. Whether it’s mixing old with new or incorporating once outdated trends here are some of the latest ideas for the home.

Trending Fall Color Projects

Are you feeling inspired by fall paint colors but not ready to paint your walls. Get ready to be creative and add new color to your home without painting the walls. There are many areas of your home that you can transform with paint. Here are some ideas for your next project:

Make Your Home Look Like a Showroom

Are you one of those people who can’t get enough of home design shows? Well we are too and we want you to be able to transform your home into a beautifully designed space that you’ll love. It’s not always the expensive furniture that makes designer rooms look so great; it’s the small touches that ...

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